Simple Ways to Build Trust and Engage With Your Clients

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

One of my most favorite things to do is meet face to face with people, especially my clients and truly get to know them as a person. As a business owner it is important to build trust. People like to work with people they know, like and trust.

Getting to know your clientelle better is simple. Be genuine and treat them like your friends and family. Ask about their family, their career, business goals, what they do for fun and recreationally, what motivates them personally and professionally, and what obstacles they are facing.

Engaged and excited clients will generate more than 20% of increased revenue. It's all about the experience they have and giving them the opportunity to feel connected to your brand. Take them behind the scenes and share stories that impact them emotionally.

Host events that are fun, but remember they will only attend if it interests them or supports their vision. Think like your client because they are curious about "what's in it for me?" Let's face it, it's human nature to be center on how we are all going to benefit from the experience.

Survey your client to better understand their needs. Digging a little deeper will help to guide and direct the conversation which ultimately feeds their intrinsic needs to be filled when followed up well and keeps the conversation on track for time and efficiency. Let's face it, time is money for you and your client.

Be YOU! Whether you are coaching a client or yourself, just be you and stay unique to your vision and your brand. Package your business, products, or services in a way that is memorable and keep them coming back for more.

Purpose behind your passion is extremely notable with clients and will also catch the attention of your followers. Be generous with your time, money, and talents and notice how the return on your investment to give back flows. Find a non profit organization that needs your skills, products or services. Everyone wants to feel useful and purposeful so don't forget to offer introductions to your growing network.

Contests are always fun and exciting. The thought of possibly winning something generates interest especially when used on social media. Don't forget email campaigns are important to cross pollinate with your social media outlets.

Tell your story and add value to your clients at the same time. Added value does not mean always giving something away for free, but instead it is building trust in your brand. What can you offer your clients that does not cost you money? This one may take a little longer, but trust me, you have something. Perhaps it is warm connection for someone who needs their service. In the end, everyone wins.

Ask about friends, family, recreation, obstacles, and motivators.
Build trust through excellent listening and engagement with clients

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