How New Businesses Can Cut Costs & Maximize Results

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

If you are newly launching a business you may not be able to afford your whole vision. Do not fret. You know what they say about how to eat a 1000 pound elephant, right? "One bite at a time." That is the approach that new businesses should take and focus on what they can do today. Maybe a small business loan is in your immediate future, but if it is not you may find that free tools are the way to go for now. Finding resources that are free can be daunting, but not impossible. The key is to maintaining professionalism and focus on your brand. Having a savvy approach to building your business with the intent to upgrade your strategy as your revenue increases and budget allows is a beautiful thing. I believe it helps owners grow professionally and learn more about what is truly important for the goals set forth. While many veteran business owners may share that they believe "you get what you pay for" there is still value in free tools and the return on investment of any resource should be evaluated regularly. I couldn't agree more and my personal preference is to evaluate my go to resources during annual budgeting meetings with the caveat that tools should be assessed more regularly when it is appropriate. A smart business owner will always review and adjust like the ever rolling tides of the ocean.

Tools That Rule

These are some of my favorite free resources that also offer an upgrade for a small fee.

  • Zoom - virtual board room for face to face conferencing worldwide

  • Shuffle - digital business cards plus can serve as a website until your budget allows

  • MailChimp - digital email newsletter

  • Linktree - Instagram tech tool

  • Youtube - share your recorded or live message and build an audience for your brand

  • SEOptimer - comprehensive website audit

  • SurveyMonkey - get to know your followers or clients better through surveys

  • Fiverr - marketing gurus waiting for your project. Ok this one is not free, but everything starts at just $5 so it is practically free.

  • Slack - team collaboration

  • Trello - organize projects with due dates and more

  • Wave - budgeting, invoicing, and more

  • PayPal or Venmo to get paid fast

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Starting a new business does not have to be expensive. Free Tools will help you get started.
How New Businesses Can Cut Costs & Maximize Results

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