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Do you struggle with meeting goals, missing deadlines, staying motivated, feelings of inadequacy? Are you transitioning from one stage of life to another with great apprehension? Does your company provide successful support for your new role that adequately develops skills needed during the process? Let me introduce Lori Fischer, a certified success coach who personalizes a unique blend for each client she meets offering coping techniques and strategies - a distinct tool kit for success. Providing world class coaching, Lori’s business acumen and whole-listic approach curating custom success systems seamlessly. Just Imagine Coaching & Consulting provides concepts and coping techniques that can be implemented immediately and used for work and life balance, restoring structure and bringing order. Like a breath of fresh air, you will find yourself empowered after just one session with this power-house coach. Lori is an endorsed servant leader, advocate, minister and certified coach. Lori is a trained Master facilitator, dynamic speaker and an experienced business consultant and this is an inspirational story about how we met. 

Lori Fischer
Lori Fischer, Owner of Just Imagine Coaching & Consulting

Part 1, WIN (Women who Inspire & Network) Event hosted at Jaguar Land Rover: Lori Fischer attended the first ever evening event for WIN in July, where 4 successful guest speakers offered up a wealth of knowledge on how to grow your business by giving back to the community. The room was packed with ambitious successful women and the ambiance teemed with electrifying excitement, which is where I first met Lori. Her warm and charming smile was engaging as she easily made her way around the room meeting others in attendance. By the end of our time together, Lori was featured in the WIN promo video, which is used to bring awareness to the WIN community. Co-host, Ellena Smith, founder of the Alabama Fashion Alliance, and I were preoccupied with all the little details of entertaining guests, however we made every attempt to glean genuine quality time with attendees. Still it was clear to me that I needed to connect one-on-one with Lori. 

Part 2, Cafe 153: It was during a ladies business and networking coffee event where Lori and I had our first real connection. We took turns going around the table sharing about ourselves and our business when Lori shared how she lived on the island of Guam. An audible gasp of intrigue was heard and I felt instantly confirmed that, “I need to get to know this adventurous.” In my opinion, anyone who has lived on an island must have some amazing stories to share. Then, like a double whammy she rose even higher on my personal scale of inspirational people. She shared about her experiences jumping from a perfectly good airplane at 13,000 feet. “Not only once, but twice,” she added. Truly, I admire her well developed courage and I have much to learn from her. 

Lori Fischer jumping from an airplane at 13,000 feet
Lori jumping from an airplane at 13,000 feet

Lori is an extremely well-rounded individual whose hobbies include golfing, hiking, sculpting, painting, and beach sitting, just to name a few. I would be remiss if I left out that she is also a minister and that she is deeply passionate about coaching, “People by providing education, tools, and techniques for living life with intent and creating impact.” She has beautifully woven her mission, purpose, and faith into her coaching business at Just Imagine Coaching & Consulting. Upon leaving the ladies business networking and coffee event, we immediately set up lunch to continue our conversation. 

Part 3, P.F, Chang’s: We were sitting down at P.F. Chang’s at the gorgeous Bridge Street Town Centre in pursuit to deepen our dialogue, which confirmed my suspicion that Lori is a genuine and sincere confidant, one that I admire and can confidently call, “Friend.” Her skill to connect with others has been honed well. I decided to jump right in where we left off and inquired about her professional success. She sat back in her chair with a slight side smile and thoughtful eyes as she began to share unique qualities that create success for both her and her clients. “I show up. I am consistent. My approach is humble. I am a gentle comfort zone stretcher. And I truly walk shoulder to shoulder with my clients.” She continued, “My blended approach is in part my own trial and error experiences and as a servant leader. I meet clients where they are at.” Noting a humble yet wider smile appear across her face she sipped her tea and mused about her youth. It is clear that her entrepreneurial parents fueled her passion to walk in faith while building a purposeful career as a business owner. “Dad was a Midwest farmer in Iowa with Mom by his side as his accountant.” She paused, “Their work ethic and love for our family of 11 was unshakeable.” As I sat and listened intently I sensed there was more and Lori continued, “Nothing is easy, but it can be worth it.” Nodding with confidence she went on, “I press on because both my parents passed away simultaneously as a result of a terrible car accident.” My heart sank to learn of this gut wrenching tragic event. I cannot even begin to imagine how traumatic that must have been for a twenty-something and it became quite clear in that moment why Lori has found success in the face of fear and uncertainty.  As an unwritten rule, she has harnessed courage her entire adult life because of the influence of her parents. Her keen abilities has lead others to triumph in their own difficult situations because Lori can see untapped potential and strength others cannot - it has become her super power

Lori with her siblings
Lori with her siblings

Breaking bread together just seems to be at the heart of our meaningful relationship. 

With lunch coming to a close, my final probing question was to inquire about her most favored inspirational success quote to which she shared, “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” My heart warmed at the sentiment, we continued to exchange ideas before heading out and saying our good-byes. I anticipate that we will have more opportunities to break bread together and collaborate on the things we are both passionate about. In fact, Lori will be a featured guest speaker for the upcoming Annual Small Business WIN Retreat, which will be hosted January 17 -19, 2020 at The Vision with your success in mind.

Lori Fischer
Meet Lori at WIN Small Business Retreat Jan 17 - 19, 2020

To learn more about Just Imagine Coaching & Consulting, visit: http://justimagineconsulting.net

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