Entrepreneurs Can Build A Strong Foundation For Economic Development

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

At the July WIN (women who inspire & network) event, which was held at Jaguar Land Rover of Huntsville we found it so exciting the most everyone wanted to keep the conversation going. What a surprise and a good problem to have. Cathy Miller, of United Way, instantly had an idea that made sense. She asked, "Why not record what we didn't get to share?" There was no denying that her suggestion was exactly what we needed to do, so I was back in the car, GPS set for Andrew Jackson Way and I headed to the United Way of Madison County.

Side bar: I have had the pleasure of working with Cathy for many years as my background is in nonprofit work. It has always been a treat and a joy to work with someone who is so dedicated to changing lives and making genuine connections. An entrepreneur herself, Cathy understands the importance of being a connector. She can see the big picture for other business owners as well as our great community. I can almost guarantee that if you need an idea, help or inspiration, she is the one to call. In fact, one of the first questions I ask people when they come to me for advice is, "Have you spoken with Cathy Miller yet?"

Sitting down in the conference room at UW, I asked Cathy, "When local residents shop at small businesses within their communities, their tax dollars stay within the local economy, helping to improve their community as a result. Likewise, local small businesses tend to buy locally as well, pumping more of their profits back into the community than their chain store counterparts, helping with economic development. What is your recommendation to build a foundation for economic development and a stronger community of local entrepreneurs?"

To view her recorded reply, click here or read the transcript below:

"I am so excited to be with you to share a few tid-bits from our WIN environment that we were in just a couple of weeks ago. The first thing I want to tell you is that when you are building your business and when you are building the community, think about building networks. Even if you are not as gregarious as I am, please remember to go out and meet people. You never know that opportunity is going to turn into something great. Also, I happen to work at United Way of Madison County. And I want to tell you that when you are looking for employees, we have several great nonprofit partners who are training people to be job ready. So please let us know if we can make that connection for you. Or if you are looking for that very special administrative person. All kinds of jobs they are getting people ready for. It's almost like your own personal clearinghouse and that is a wonderful thing. Also, I want you to know as an entrepreneur, as a small business, United Way is here for you. We love to grow philanthropy, if someone wants to give a small one time gift, we can tell you how that can impact your local community. And when you build your business and you build your community. That is an extra plus for you to get ready to soar!"

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