How A Mother's Legacy Blazes A Trail; Purpose Driven And Well Travelled

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

A mother's love is like none other and shines brightly like a beacon guiding our path in life even after her light goes out. Reflecting on the influences from her childhood and how her mother exposed her to so much history, diversity and travel, Chantaine Rhoe-Bulluck lovingly smiles at the memories of the past. It is what drives her today and if she were a superhero, it is no surprise that time travel would be her supernatural gift of choice. Over time, she absorbed the value in travel, because her mother's passion to educate, experience, and engross her and by equipping her with as much knowledge as possible through journeys across the nation and around the world, which opened up opportunities leaving a legacy in her wake.

As one of the benefactors of her mother's treasured gift, Chantaine continues to fan the flames of this endowment through assisting others to find affordable travel destinations. Bringing their dreams to life, she shares that seeing loved ones who now have the ability to “reconnect and rejuvenate” through strategically planned get-aways is a keystone in her business. With a warmhearted chuckle, “My mission is to transform the way people think about their opportunity, to experience the freedom [of travel], rich relationships and epic experiences they deserve, one family at a time.” The excitement and intensity Chantaine provides is exhilarating as she recalls a conversation with a friend who was shocked at the experience and outcome of finding affordable travel destinations, “Chantaine opened my eyes to something that is just...amazing!” It is in those moments that Chantaine knows she is fulfilling her calling in life and she pours the legacy left behind into her own family of 6 adult children and 4 grandchildren.

Charity cruises are one of Chantaine’s personal favorites as she retells her husbands birthday wish to give back to a place close to their heart and where they have spent hours personally, boots on the ground. It was over the course of his 50th birthday celebration where a large group of friends and family joined in their festivities aboard a special destination cruise and in return the Harris Home for Children was the beneficiary of their philanthropic hearts.

As a strong business woman, she offers her own words of wisdom to other female entrepreneurs, “Personal development is the secret sauce. Everything you are and know has gotten you to where you are today. If that's not where you ultimately want to be, you gotta be someone different.” So lace up your boot straps and get ready for an adventurous ride, sister. Oh! And hold on tight because this might get a little bumpy. As business owners we often look forward to those smooth roads where everything is going well, But it was when things got especially rough that Chantaine found her inspiration to press her mission forward. “In a 3 year period, I lost my mom, dad, and youngest son. It really brought home how important it is to have simple strategies for life in reach, because life happens, and happens to all of us.” None of us are free of experiencing tragedy and heartache. Leaning in, Chantaine honors her loved ones through beautiful stories. It’s hard to understand how to overcome the anguish a loss, but it is those memories that keep her going and pressing forth giving her purpose.

Chantaine lives in the present with those she can impact today and offers guidance upon request. Excitedly, she supports the dreams of other entrepreneurs, “My strategic planning involves actively seeking collaborative relationships.” This self professed phrase junky has a witty side as well. Without missing a beat, she shares her favorite quote from Yoda, "Do or do not. There is no try!" Perfectly said for this avid business owner, sights set for more than an average crusade.

“The product that I offer most is a travel membership, which provides clients wholesale pricing advantages and a planning assistance concierge department so they can create their own unique excursions. I like to educate others on what I've discovered about intentionally planning elements of travel that helps them accomplish the true purpose behind the vacation.” Choosing the best vacation begins with specifying and knowing your destination city, finding the right accommodations and excursions. “Selecting the right destination, creating the right experiences at the best possible rates” are where Chantaine comes in as your travel consultant.

Chantaine is living her best life through travel and there is no better gift than time spent reconnecting and rejuvenating with family. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

To create your next epic experience and begin a legacy of your own, visit her website and schedule time with Chantaine today:

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