How to Stay Organized at Work When Everyone Seems to Need Something From You

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Have you ever struggled to get through your day and then wondered where did the day go? Early in my professional career I realized how important it was to be well organized. If I did not make all of my responsibilities a priority and careful dedicate time to each important area of my life (work, home, and play) than everyone around me suffered. Sometimes it seemed like I was walking a tight rope with vicious alligators waiting below if I were to fall. Ok, perhaps that is a little more dramatic. Keeping all the balls in the air can be challenging, which is why I began to mark out time on my calendar for intentionally planning. I am still working on the whole balancing thing, but more often I keep a healthy balance allowing me to be present for the the task at hand. So here are my tips to staying organized at work:

  • People come first and family comes before business - always! How does this apply to being organized? Organization is about life, not just the 9-5. Balancing it all can be tricky and starting with this philosophy may prove beneficial.

  • Don't multi-task. Let email, text messages, phone calls wait so you can fully focus on a project or meeting.

  • Delegate whenever possible. I am convinced that this creates a stronger moral for your team. Let's face it, everyone wins!

  • Collaboration is key for many businesses and in a growth stage more grey matter is critical for the long term view and goals in most organizations.

  • Build in your quiet time/rest/vacations and don't budge when that time slot is requested by a colleague or client. Budgeting time is crucial to maintaining a healthy balance. We are more productive when we take time for rest.

  • Remember the golden rule and never compromise on this maxim.

  • Reduce meetings by 25%. Most often the extra stuff can wait and it reduces productivity and possibly the overall moral of your team.

  • Create a workspace that gives off creative vibes you need to feel relaxed. Find the perfect candle for your ultimate relaxation. A relaxed brain is a productive creative brain.

  • Find a space outside of the office to work that allows the quiet time you need to focus.

  • Take 10 - 20 minutes schedule breaks 2 or 3 times a day to refresh and stay focused.

  • Turn off notifications for apps that redirect your focus and consider grouping them in one folder on a screen that is not the home page. This will allow you to open the app when you have time available and prevents the app from running your day for you.

  • Choose a method your team should reach you in an emergency. That way you will never miss anything important.

  • Face to face conversations should be priority over using a communication app or email. Whenever possible, make a face to face connection, phone conversations are second, and use email sparingly unless there is a need for a paper trail.

  • Reverse engineer big projects and set weekly meetings for a team effort or carve out time just for yourself to work on the task. Always celebrate when a major goal is complete.

  • Create lists for tasks that need to be accomplished. If you have a team working on individual task for a larger project use a planning tool that will help everyone stay on top of deadlines. See "tools that rule" for apps that I love.

  • Make sure you have dedicated time for yourself every morning. 30 - 60 minutes will get your day off on the right start.

  • Be considerate of time you request from others. My personal rule: I will always give ample notice when requesting support from a team member, unless it is an emergency. This is especially true if it is due to lack of planning. You know the cliché, your emergency is not my emergency.

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