Impacting Local Business Through Community Engagement And Philanthropy

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

During the first evening event where Women Who Inspire & Network (WIN) it was clear that all the women who attended did not want to see the conversation stop. HLA Consulting knew that it was important to hear from our panelists on how to grow business by giving back. Setting the GPS, I set my sights to meet up with guest speaker, Tonia Camardella of the Downtown Rescue Mission.

Upon meet with Tonia, I asked, "Small businesses are job creators, and most of those jobs are local jobs. Rather than having to commute to another city, employees work closer to home. Supporting local businesses also helps your fellow community members who work at them. When a community has a vibrant commercial center, it also creates ample opportunities for these workers to shop at other local small businesses. They grab lunch or dinner from local restaurants, run errands on their break, and grab drinks. This keeps money local and further creates a tight-knit community vibe. What can a small business owner in Huntsville do to help the community and build relationships that are lasting and impactful?"

Watch the interview when you click here or read the transcript below:

"Small business owners, it is such a challenge. You know, they are trying to run their business, they are trying to network, they are trying to get their name out there and market and it's a big juggling act. But a really great way for them to bridge the gap and get involved with the community is by having a little box or a barrel where they can, you know, their customers can donate, they can interact. And make an impact in the community by doing a food drive or a coat drive, a hygiene drive. That lets the community know, their customers know, that they are invested in the community. That they care about where we live, about what we are doing. And they don't have to spend a whole lot of time going out because their customers that come in are going to say, "Oh my gosh! This business really cares about the community. Do you know they are doing a food drive for the Downtown Rescue Mission? Or their doing a coat drive for XYZ? And they really want our community to grow." It's a great way to market and network and grow their community involvement in a very easy way while they are at work growing their business at the same time."

It was such a joy to have another opportunity to sit down with Tonia. She has a light that inspires others to do good in our community, myself included. So often, when I speak with charitable operations that are making a difference I think of them as our local super hero's. She is just one of the many shero's who are changing lives in a very tangible way.

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