Laraine's Secret Sauce for Success Becomes A Quest To See Others Triumph

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

“Success leaves clues” says Mindset & Productivity coach, Laraine Sacco. During my interview with Laraine she shared her beliefs on success including that a newly launching business should surround themselves with 5 of the most influential people they know and that gaining knowledge of others, especially their business acumen, is foundational.

The confidence that Laraine exudes is evident just in the way she presents herself. She is convinced that she was put on this earth to help others, elevate them through her coaching and see them succeed and I believe her.  Leaning in, as if I could acquire some knowledge through osmosis, I asked, “What is your secret sauce,?” Laraine believes in the power of positivity and the impact it can make for herself and others. And regarding those she coaches, she added, “Listening is key to understanding what motivates people.” As she careful directs the conversation she is cautious not to influence her own opinion during a coaching session. Laraine has found something that cannot be taught easily because it is more like an instinct that one is born with.

Laraine has an entrepreneurial heart and has been building businesses from the ground up since she was a young girl. Raised in New York she grew up with a strong focus to excel in school and business. Her private school background instilled study habits that would transition into a strong desire to learn and help others.  In her early 20s, Laraine followed her passion for success and pursued a modeling career in New York City. She also turned her love of baking into a successful cookie business that featured 32 kinds of cookies. Laraine opened Raine Enterprises, a business run on a strong work ethic and sold "anything needed to run a business". She attended college while working and received a double major in Business Management and Economics within 3 years and was Magna Cum Laude as well as on the Dean’s List. She achieved great success at a marketing company as the only woman to run a department. Laraine transitioned her New York business with a division in Florida, which is where she lives now. She and her husband also started an importing business. In 2000, Laraine realized her passion for architecture and combined that with her love to see others achieve their dream. By listening to what people need, want and desire she turned her passion into a thriving concierge real estate career in the high-end luxury market with a global client base including Slovenia, Italy, Brazil & Canada. She created & implemented systems which are unique to the real estate industry.

Laraine has been a Business Coach & Mentor for decades and loves Coaching Real Estate Agents using the The Locker Room Coaching Platform. She told me that , “Statistically Agents who participate in the program earn 255% more Commission than those who aren’t engaged.” Those are impressive numbers no matter what industry one works in.   

As a dedicated professional, driven to educate clients, she still uses the advice of her Aunt Shirley, who encouraged Laraine to, “Be yourself and others will gravitate toward you.” Not too surprising, when I asked Laraine about how she handles challenging situations that arise during her workday, she shared that she loves to be challenged and went on to say, “challenging situations are how we grow and I think that is a positive result for everyone who has to face them.” It seemed only natural to ask Laraine what business tips she offers her clients, which she graciously offered:

Work hard

Learn as much as you can

Do the right thing

Respect is everything in business

Do what you love

Give back to others

In her off time Laraine loves to relax with her family (husband Robert of 28 years and 3 boys: Rob, Michael, and Luke) and 10 year old lab, Chloe. She loves to bake large meals during the holidays, she travel as often as possible, loves the mountains and paints murals. Laraine is actively involved in her church and enjoys tutoring elementary aged students whenever possible.  I agree with Laraine, success does leave clues. Intrinsically, Laraine has produced, perfected, and polished her secret sauce for years and it shines brightly in both her personal and professional life.

Coach for the Locker Room
Laraine Sacco, Success and Productivity Coach

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