Making Her Passion Her Paycheck, A Journey For Better Health

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Heather Morse, mom of Madalyn 22, Keegan 14 and Tristan 11, wife of Scott is the owner and founder of Salt on the Rocks Remedies and Spa and is a self-renowned workaholic.  She is passionate about helping others find relief from health issues and especially chronic pain. It all started when her husband, Scott, who is retired from the military began suffering from debilitating pain. The medications were no use and truth be told they were making things worse for him.  

Heather began to pour over research expecting to find a cure and she was confident she would find healthier options that would get Scott the results he so desperately wanted and needed. 5 months into her research she finally found what she was looking for and quickly got Scott to try these natural remedies.  It seemed like such a long journey for their family as they watch Scott suffer from what others could not see. While he did undergo a needed surgery to jump start his healing, within 6 weeks of starting the new regime that Heather put him on he began to get the relief he so desired. The excitement of this new lease on life put Heather in faster motion as she began “herb school”.  It was exactly what they had been searching for and it could not have come sooner.

It is no surprise that Salt on the Rocks was born out of this difficult situation and has fueled Heather’s passion to help others too. Truly, Heather is more than an herbalist, but also a teacher. She is constantly on the go education others on how to be their best-self the natural way. Step into her spa and you will see her passion unfold with the Carribbean style spa, which makes one feel like they are soaking up the rays on a deserted island.  Listen to the waves lapping up on shore and the sounds of seagulls as they entertain beachgoers. This is a magical place that is sure to relieve more than stress.

As a woman in business, Heather has the confidence of many and in her own words she claims, “I am better than I deserve!”  Scott continues to find relief and live a meaningful and purposeful life and he is who inspires Heather to press on with the mission at Salt on the Rocks. Plant medicine is how she spends her spare time making tinctures, salves and more.  In fact, you will find them in her Remedy Room available for purchase. Be sure to stay for salt therapy (also known as Halotherapy). Your skin, your muscles, and your sinuses will thank you for it.

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Heather Morse, owner Salt on the Rocks

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