Undercover Comedian Offers Hope and a Fresh Start

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Self-proclaimed shoe lover, fashion Diva, undercover comedian, empty nester, prophetic dancer, and Nana are just a few of the names Dr Tracy Gibson goes by.  As the Founder and Director of Fresh Start Life Recovery Ministries she is relentless when it comes to advocating for those she loves and is passionate for. Her humility unwavering, upon our first meeting in 2014, with a smile she says, “Just call me Tracy.” Giving glory to God, she leads others in ministry with a servant's heart and in all she does. In fact, it is by the example of how Jesus Christ led his own life, while on Earth, that she models her own life both personally and professionally.

For years Dr Gibson has felt the Lord tugging on her life, placing “A burning compassion and burden on my heart to help women and children” in crisis. Only a few others know of her accomplishments that have led to her success and abilities to impact others so well. Her advocacy, abilities, and capabilities are in part due to the dedication towards higher education.  Earning degrees in Divinity, Biblical Counseling, Ministry, Psychology, and Social Work she has the confidence of many and the business acumen to support her efforts to champion the critical mission of Fresh Start.

Driven by her own personal experiences as a victim of violence she is convinced that God has restored her life to help others who are broken. In 2018, Dr Gibson opened Martha’s House, a safe house for women coming out of trafficking, domestic violence, prostitution, and the adult entertainment industry to live in temporarily. With a vision for long term self sufficiency and sustainability she is planning for the future with tiny houses as the women progress through her program.

As the only non profit organization in Northern Alabama offering such services, “We believe that we will be part of a movement of other non-profits rising up to support women and children with more mental health and restorative care support.” And for the women who live at Martha’s House, their transformation is powerful, real and lasting. Uniquely positioned to stand in the gap against the most unthinkable crime against the human race, Fresh Start is local to Huntsville, AL rescuing women and children. While this mission accepts victims from all across the nation, Huntsville, AL has become a prime hub for traffickers due to the infrastructure. We cannot live in fear, but instead educate ourselves in an effort to prevent future crimes, but also to rescue those who are victims.

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of someone who might be in slavery, they may:

  • Appear to be under the control of someone else

  • Wear long sleeves in the heat of summer to hide bruises

  • Reluctant to interact with others

  • Lack of personal identification on them

  • Have few personal belongings

  • Wear the same clothes every day or wear unsuitable clothes for work

  • Reluctant to talk to strangers or the authorities

  • Appear frightened, withdrawn, or show signs of physical or psychological abuse

  • Dropped off and collected for work always in the same way, especially at unusual times, i.e. very early or late at night.

Sharing more on her passion as a servant leader, “This mission not only powers my passion, it causes me to push beyond my capacity and reach out to others with His heart.” She goes on to share that the mission, “Provides free mental health support and counseling to women with limited or no income.” Making counseling affordable and available to women outside of the transitional housing program, who are coming out of a traumatic situation, allows them to “Lead an abundant life in Christ.”

The challenges, successes, and transformational changes to those who accept Dr Gibson’s offer for their own Life Recovery are real, tangible, lasting, and impactful. It’s no secret that “One of the biggest challenges is finding adequate resources.” But that does not stop Dr. Gibson, “It causes me to push harder everyday to ensure that resources are not only located, but that new ones are developed and gaps in services are closed.” Seeking God's wisdom in all that she does Dr. Gibson is strategic and intentional. Building a strong donor base is critical to ending crimes against women and children.

Quoting Dr  Martin Luther King Jr, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope!” Dr Gibson is passionate, driven, motivated, compassionate, and inspirational.  She is devoted to impacting our community locally, nationally, and abroad. Motivated by the love of her family and example of her mother, her desires are to be a “Living example” to her children and granddaughter.  It is because of them that she pushes forth to change the lives of others and glorify God for giving her the mission of Fresh Start.

To learn more about Fresh Start Life Recovery & Transitional Housing, to become a donor, or to be considered for free counseling services, visit: https://www.freshstart-hsv.org

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