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Updated: Aug 24, 2019

This is me on the left on the day I graduated from high school!
30 Years later, Angela Hawke is a strong business woman who knows who she is and whose she is.

This is me on the day of my high school graduation where I was part of a class of about 230 students in rural Ortonville, MI. I know, you might be thinking “geeky-nerd with braces and acne!” And you’d mostly be right. I was a little behind the “You've got game” curve. Truth be told, I still don’t have it all together, but I know who I am and whose I am. This is a story about how I began my career as a writer. 

My inspiration to scribe for others began when I was accepted in high school to write for the Blackhawks Newspaper, passionate about helping others, and fiercely loyal to friends! Honestly, I did not know if I could write anything more than what was in my diary. I never saw myself as a true writer, let alone advancing later in life as a professional wordsmith. In fact, even after high school I thought it was excruciating to read anything longer than 100 pages out of a book. I suppose the school newspaper didn’t need a professional, but to see my words in print and my name featured in that black ink got my wheels turning and energized me. That season of my life was shorter than I hoped and naturally I moved on as did my classmates.  

A lot has changed since 1989 where one of my biggest goals was to live on a paved road leaving behind acre after acre of dairy cows and especially the 2 miles of dirt roads splattered with potholes that my family trekked daily to find home. Little did I know that writing would become my passion, a place to express myself, to curate words in a way that I could paint a vivid picture and inspire others. 

Before my path led me back to marking words on paper, I fell in love with a Marine who swept me off my feet.

We began our lives together and before we knew it we built our lives with a family of 3 boys. God has such a good sense of humor. Not only did we have all boys, but the third one came later in life, which was both a shock and surprise. During these years as we reared our small brood, I planned my career as a nurse, worked for an oncologist, but not before many years at St Joseph Mercy Hospital’s admitting department. Short story: We moved to our new hometown in Huntsville, AL and I never took the required clinicals to finish nursing school. It is really no surprise that my degree is in Healthcare Administration. 

Today, I write about others and for others, which helps to build their brand, image and their business. Written words are life-giving and like a bloodline to connected relatedness, which elevates one’s purpose and mission. It is such an honor that my words can be found on websites, social media posts, marketing materials, and literally anywhere one needs to promote their services and talents. PSA’s and speeches have been at the top of my calling to help others tell their story in a way that speaks well and creates an impact with their audience.  

My Three Sons
Hawke, Party of Five!

I am especially grateful to have the privilege to tell heartfelt stories of entrepreneurs locally and nationally. I am unquestionably touched when I hear from those who have shared that it brought tears to their eyes by the words I have penned. Writing has allowed me to forge new relationships and strengthen my bond with others. It has empowered me to re-write my career path - ultimately reinventing myself and my business. Or have I just returned to the place that God has had me all my life, using the gifts He gave me way back when? 

WIN - Women Who Inspire & Network
Networking is where the magic happens!

Every year I go back to the sleepy little town of Ortonville, MI to visit and reconnect with family and friends. However, I have a whole new outlook about roads that coat my car with an ambiguous hue of taupe. It’s not about the path that leads back home, but instead about the journey of our lives and those who are in it that keep the flames burning bright inside of us. It’s about family and connection and about friends who are like family. As for the cows, they have come a long way too. Instead of milk in a plastic bag, they have upgraded to plastic jugs making it easier to pour. Oh and they can be found at the local grocery store too (including their ice cream). It seems impossible to pass by Cooks Dairy Farm without fondly pointing them out to my boys and now daughter in love. I guess it is the novelty of life and endearment of what we once had that warms ones heart, but didn’t appreciate enough in our youth.  

So today, I commit to encouraging and loving that girl who had oily skin, braces, and acne on her graduation day, because even when she did not know what trail to blaze many years ago, she has always been grounded in faith expecting that the rest would follow. With God's grace and years of sharing impactful stories in the nonprofit world, I am blessed to have served others as both a volunteer and Executive. I continue to be true to self and as an entrepreneur who writes for a living. This girl, who is now a woman, is still passionate about impacting her community, intensely loves her family, and is fiercely loyal to friends. 

We are a blended family and I love it!
Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind. Featured L - R: Kelly Andrea, Suzanne, and me.

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